Today I decide to be grateful for

Gratitude is such a beautiful feeling. It surrounds the heart with warm fuzziness and gently holds the soul in a sparkling blanket.

Instead of dwelling about the things that didn’t go as planned this weekend, I decide to remember the past two days with love and gratefulness. Today I’m grateful for the beautiful weather we experienced. For the warm Saturday, for the great workouts with my fiancé, for our family meals. I loved how our dogs played with each other and woke me up with SO many kisses in the mornings.

The thing is, most days don’t go as planned. Most days go well regardless of that. Today I decide to be grateful for many things, and I will move happily into another week of life and everyday happenings.


I hope your weekend was of the sort that you can find something from to be grateful for. Have a cozy evening!