How to dive deeper into your happiness in just 15 seconds

For the most part, I’m really pleased with my everyday life. It’s simple, but I have what I need, and I experience moments of pure happiness and joy each day. I always say that positivity attracts positivity, and with a VERY busy week ahead, I wanted to share one of my secrets on how to enjoy life more, or more deeply, even when you feel like you don’t have the time to stop and enjoy it.


It’s not that I haven’t seen harships in life. Believe me, I have. I choose, however, to reflect on the beautiful side of life every day. Here’s a little exercise you can use to dive a little deeper into your moments of happiness and revive the feeling at a later point, when you need it.


When you have just experienced one of those moments where your heart felt warm, maybe you even had tears in your eyes, your voice might have turned soggy with emotion and only social akwardness kept you from leaping, stop to reflect. Close your eyes for just 15 seconds and try to recreate the memory and emotional blueprint. If you can catch the moment, you will be able to travel back to it in your emotional memory at a later point. Use that feeling as fuel when you need it, dive into it and cherish it. Even for just 15 seconds.