Terms of Use


The following conditions apply to all agreements entered into by customers and Charlotta Grönberg (”Fitinity training”), registration number [2970930-4], Matinkallio 8, 02230 Espoo, Finland, regarding the purchase and delivery of goods from Charlotta Grönberg’s website www.fitinitytraining.com .


A Purchase agreement has been entered into and applies when you as a customer (”the Customer”) has fully paid the order of goods on the Website. After the payment has been completed, Charlotta Grönberg delivers the goods and the Customer receives an order confirmation by e-mail confirming the purchase. Charlotta Grönberg only delivers goods to persons with a minimum age of 18 years, as Finnish law requires such age to be met for entering into agreements. Furthermore, the Customer has to leave accurate information of an e-mail address.


When ordering goods on the Website, the listed prices that are stated there for each product are current and valid. The price of a product is given in EUR dollars (€) and is always including the current VAT applicable in Finland (currently 24%). The prices do not include any applicable payment fees, transaction fees or similar fees that the customer’s bank may require for the payment transaction.


Charlotta Grönberg offers goods in the form of exercise programs on the Website www.fitinitytraining.com for the Customer’s individual usage. Charlotta Grönberg delivers the goods directly to the Customer’s e – mail address after the purchase when the payment is fully made for the goods.


Charlotta Grönberg through fitinitytraining.com has the right to charge the Customer for an order of goods from the Website before any delivery will be made. Completed payment is a prerequisite for an order to be handled and is therefore a condition for the delivery. The payment to fitinitytraining.com is handled by Stripe to guarantee a fast and secure payment transaction.

Charlotta Grönberg’s partner through fitinitytraining.com, Stripe, handles the purchase transaction on the Website and Charlotta Grönberg is therefore not processing any payment data at the time of the purchase. The payment transaction is made through direct payment between Stripe and the Customer’s bank. Stripe collaborates with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network.

Stripe is responsible for the payment transaction and that such transaction is encrypted and supports 3D-secure. Stripe always control that the Customer’s bank card is valid and has coverage for the purchase amount. In the event that there is not enough coverage for the purchase amount, Charlotta Grönberg, through fitinitytraining.com has the right to refuse the card purchase and Stripe will then deny the transaction. Stripe provides a secured payment solution for the Customer. To learn more about Stripe, read more here Stripe.com


Charlotta Grönberg applies no right for the Customer to return the goods or withdraw from the purchase agreement. In the event of faulty goods, i.e., obvious errors in the programs, the customer is requested to immediately complain to Charlotta Grönberg by sending a message to the customer service at the e-mail address charlotta@fitinitytraining.com.


Charlotta Grönberg is not responsible for that the programs (the goods) are suitable for the Customer ‘s health. The Customer must contact a doctor if he/she is unsure whether a particular exercise fits the individual’s health.


Charlotta Grönberg is the owner of all intellectual property rights of all pictures, video material, illustrations, logotypes and texts that are available to the reader on the website www.fitinitytraining.com or in the diet, nutrition- and exercise programs (the goods) that are sold on the Website. The programs, i.e. goods, are sold for the Customers individual use only and may not be communicated to any other. A written consent from Charlotta Grönberg must be obtained if any other party would like to use such material.


In the event of Force Majeure, e.g. natural disasters, walkout, illness of personnel, transportation disruptions regarding internet and web services, trade barriers or bans, government decisions or costly events or related similar event that is beyond Charlotta Grönberg‘s control and whether this event occurs in Charlotta Grönberg’s business or within Charlotta Grönberg’s suppliers, Charlotta Grönberg’s obligations to the Customer are postponed. If the event of Force Majeure is longer than one (1) month, the Customer as well as Charlotta Grönberg, has the right to cancel the purchase and withdraw from the purchase agreement without any obligation to pay damages to the other party. If the purchase agreement is cancelled, the conditions between the parties shall be as if the purchase agreement never occurred (i.e. the customer will be refunded for the amount paid for the goods and Charlotta Grönberg is not obliged to deliver the goods to the Customer).


Charlotta Grönberg may change the terms and conditions. It is therefore recommended that the Customer reads them at the time of each purchase. If you as a Costumer have any questions regarding the terms and conditions you are welcome to contact Charlotta Grönberg by sending an e-mail to charlotta@fitinitytraining.com.


Fitinity training/Charlotta Grönberg has no liability for any mistakes in texts or illustrations. Any dispute is referred to the European Consumer Centers Network (ECCN).



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